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Christopher's first musical memory was probably in the late 1960’s, hearing his mother sing sweet lullabies to send him and his twin brother Rich off to sleep.

A few years later by the mid 1970’s, his elder brother Julian (Jools) began rehearsing in a new band with Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford in the front room of their home in Blackheath.

Chris would often sit outside and eagerly listen, as early Squeeze songs would start to form.

When the band finished and went to the pub, Chris would sometimes sneak in and have a play on some of the instruments lying around.

This gave him the music bug at an early age and he never looked back. 

He joined the school choir and started having piano lessons and after a few years started to play more by ear (which although a bit painful at first soon got the hang of) 

By the age of 14 Chris had formed his first band B S#arp with twin brother Rich on drums and were soon joined by Lisa Covington and Lorriette Saunders on guitar and vocals after meeting at a party.

Soon they began writing their own material and slowly began building a following playing at local pubs, clubs and parties. They made their Television debut age 15 on the ITV programme ‘Freetime’ with former Magpie host Mick Robinson.

A few years later they were signed to Miles Copeland’s IRS record label under the name Twinset and the Pearl and released a couple of singles produced by Dennis Herring (Ben Folds / Elvis Costello ) and Pascal Gabriel (S-Express / Goldfrapp).

They toured extensively throughout the mid 1980s including support for Squeeze. 

Towards the end of the 1980s and during the 1990s Christopher also started session work on keyboards, recording and touring the globe with various artists including Green On Red, Squeeze, Sam Brown, Ethan Johns, Shakin’ Stevens, Paul Weller and Ray Davies to name but a few.

It was during this time that Chris began playing organ in his big brothers Rhythm and Blues Orchestra that was just starting out.

In between working with other artists he continued with his first passion of writing, recording and producing his own music.

At the age of 15 he acquired an old 4 track reel to reel tape machine and electric piano and would spend endless hours in his bedroom writing and recording demos.

Since 1999 and with the help of studio engineer, guitarist and general musical wizard Ron Box, Christopher has released four solo albums on his own Cosmic Harmony Record label.

Utilising a selection of vintage keyboards such as Moogs, Mellotron, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Hammond and Vocoder.

He also has been lucky enough to be able to tap into some of the top musicians around as well as using some amazing guest vocalist on his own recordings. 

He is currently putting the finishing touches to a brand new record ‘Golden Hour’ featuring some very special guests, which will be released in Nov 2019. This will mark twenty years since his first album release. 

Over the years Christopher has had the amazing opportunity to perform and record alongside some of his all time musical heroes in some incredible places from palaces and prisons to presidents and Queens.

He is privileged to have had such an exciting musical career and intends to continue making more magical musical memories with some of the best people around in the foreseeable future.

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